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Much of our work is based on commissions. It is so exciting when clients come to us with a vision and we can realise this. David will work with clients from start to finish on projects. We will work with you on designs and installation plans to ensure every aspect is covered. Maybe you know exactly what you want but just cannot find it anywhere, we can make it happen for you! 

Our extensive knowledge of traditional blacksmiths techniques ensures sympathetic restoration of old metalwork. We work with wrought iron (modern work is all steel) and also cast iron. we specialise in conservation work and also listed buildings. Work can range from small locks or grand 18th century gates. 

There any many approaches we can take to this work dependent on your requirements, this could be to conserve something in its current state or full restoration to make it look like new. Either way we understand the importance of preserving as much original material as possible and ensuring that repairs are done using techniques that are appropriate to the age of the piece. 

We are proud to be suppliers to the National trust on their protected buildings and sites, 

This is our new range of ready to buy products. Please visit our By David range page for more details.

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